• Jermaine and Faith Hill posted an update 3 years, 4 months ago

    @jilldewit I saw that you shipped out my Land Academy package. I wanted to know if their is a seller finance contract example in the package? I just closed on a land deal last week and selected a buyer today. I did a land deal before but it was a land contract. The contract was something we made up and wanted to use something more professional. Do you guys have a seller finance contract you share with land academy. If not, what type of contracts do you typically use and recommend ? I saw my land academy package shows up on Thursday, but wanted to see if I can draft one out for my buyer before Thursday. Any Assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • @Luke. Thanks for the reply. I have use a similar website before to draft a contract for a seller finance property I did this year. I wanted to see if there was a standard contract form land academy was using before I draft another one up for land.
      I appreciate your timely response. Thanks!

    • @jhill28
      Hi Jermaine! Sorry I missed this and I am guessing by now you found our sample contracts in the program. Jill

      • @jilldewit I was able to use another service to help draft my contract. Which reminds me I have to cancel it before I am charged. I am glad to hear you do have one in the Land Academy Program. My wife and I have been heavy into our Land Acadmey package and cannot believe the amount of information just from the First 3 Disc. We feel this program is going to take our business to the next level!! This may be the gold standard of teaching program!