• I have an accepted offer but the husband on the deed passed away and the wife has dementia. The daughter has the death certificate for her father, not sure if it has been filed or not. The daughter also has power of attorney for her mother with dementia, so can the daughter sell the property? What do I do here?

  • Hi! I sent out my first mailer of about 900 offers that delivered last week and I’ve only had 2 phone calls from it thus far. Im starting to get concerned that either the market is too saturated or I offered too low but I’d assume that I’d at least get hate calls. Am I being too impatient and need to wait another week or should I move on to my ne…[Read more]

  • As a hypothetical if you only had $2000 to spend on this business would you.

    A. Spend it on mail hoping to receive signed purchase contracts

    B. Purchase property whole sale

    C. Purchase tax deed/over the counter properties

    D. Do option contracts

  • Has anybody had trouble purchasing land in the Midwest region? It could just be my mailer or price. However, I’ve had more success marketing and purchasing in the south west region and was wondering what the issue might be.

  • I’ve been eager to start land investing for about a year now, however, due to my finances I’ve only been able to save up a few thousand to commit to this business without putting my family’s financial security at risk. I’m wondering at minimum what amount do I need to get started land investing. Let me know thanks!

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