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Reside on nearly 20 acres of rural land growing up on and around rice, soybean and crawfish farms in Southwest Louisiana. Little more about my background: Have nearly 22 years in the oilfield with a variety of roles such as Service Quality Supervisor, Learning & Development Coordinator with a current role of North America Maintenance Manager. Wife and I had a successful Photo Booth business for several years but have slowly transitioned into real estate, specifically rural land. Currently 3.5 years working part-time as a rural land agent for a 30+ year old land brokerage specializing in Louisiana land sales. Wife works for Louisiana Land Bank and we do our best to help each other with our services. Ran across Land Academy searching for further education. In reading the free material, watching the You Tube channel along with some due diligence, this seems to be a great fit with the potential to move my real estate career even further and transition out of the oilfield.

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