• To confirm, that is $850 for the title and attorney to close, excluding the actual cost you are offering for the land?

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am wanting to know how much it should typically cost to close with an attorney in NC for those that have worked in that state before? I am trying to price that cost and title insurance into my mailer and am curious on what others typically pay?

    Thank you

  • Happy Monday to everyone,
    This may be a prior topic but it was taking a while sorting through prior posts. I wanted to see what people recommend for receiving payment. I do cashier’s check but just wanting to see if there were other ways people were receiving payment that worked for them? Thanks!

  • So In the case of purchasing land from a post auction land list, in which I had received land at a very cheap price. Would it be considered best practice, after putting a piece of land up for sale on an auction site, to issue a warranty deed and stipulate that the buyer is responsible for doing the due diligence on that property and making all…[Read more]

  • I am able to purchase land where it is issued to me through a limited warranty deed. I get these properties very cheap and try to keep total costs low. Does anyone have experience flipping properties with this kind of deed? If I have to get the deed changed to a general warranty deed, is there a cheap easy way of doing this?

  • Does anyone have any opinions on mailing “out of state” owners only versus just mailing all owners? Are there typically more responses, better properties, or both when dealing with out of state owners only?

  • I recently mailed a county in Northern Arkansas (first mailer ever). It was a smaller mailer of around 250 units just to get the process down and see if my mailer would yield responses. I received one angry caller as is expected and another investor who was looking to sell 80+ parcels at what I thought was a decent price (around $400/acre…[Read more]

  • Quick question:

    When entering a new state to send mail, is there a quick or systematic approach you take to researching that county/state? For example, if you are looking for the procedures for purchasing land, rules for land use, tax laws, etc. is this a research/trial by fire thing or is there an organized approach where you can have 90%+ of…[Read more]

  • Quick Update–I could use some help.

    Currently, the owner that received my letter for two separate parcels of land is interested in selling. The owner is an elderly man and that is looking to liquidate his position on a large number of properties that were purchased free and clear through tax liens and other purchase methods over the years (186…[Read more]

  • Very helpful–I’ll go with the bundle and discount option. Thanks again!

  • I apologize–I may have not been clear. He referenced the two APN’s of the parcel’s that I had mailed and told me that he had 47 others that he was looking to sell in the same area. My question at this point is–should I make a bulk offer to get all of them at the risk of over-saturating the market? How do you all normally handle these situations?

  • Good Afternoon,

    I recently sent out my first mailer and started receiving responses back (exciting stuff). Long story short, I offered what is probably closer to 20% of what I considered the lower end of current market value based on the limited properties for sale in this county and received an email back from an investor who informed me that he…[Read more]

  • Good Afternoon,

    I have some questions as it pertains to purchase agreements. I created my letter/purchase agreement template based on looking at multiple templates and purchase agreements from multiple sites. My questions are:
    1. Do you purchase your “Purchase Agreement” from a 3rd party and if so, where is a concise, easy to understand copy for…[Read more]

  • Good Evening,

    I am in the final stages before sending out my first mailer and am trying to calculate estimated short term capital gains based on 10, 20, 30, and 40 transactions with fairly consistent profit margins (estimating buy at 20%/sell at 60% of market value). If the numbers I am looking at are correct, then there is a large chunk of…[Read more]

  • Very basic, hopefully not stupid, question,

    I have my website, phone, mailbox, data, and list scrubbed and ready to go. I am going to send the mail as soon as I know this detail–How does it work with funds when we buy and sell land? When purchasing land, are you always doing a wire transfer, or could I do a cashier’s check and have the notary…[Read more]

  • I am trying to decide on the right option for my phone, website, and mailing system. Does anyone have a good CHEAP recommendation for those three items? I want to get up and running and those are three items that I find critical before I generate my list and send mail. Thanks in advance for the help!


  • Good Evening (or afternoon on the west coast)

    This information is probably located in other posts but i figured it would be easier to ask again. With the goal of making it as easy as possible for a land owner to sell their land to you what are different functions that you should always have on your website/when sending offers?

    Current thoughts…[Read more]

  • That makes sense. I was able to tour the program and get the information I needed. When I went to do the “pay as you go” option for leads, there is a real estate license # requirement. Is there any way around this? Thanks again for the help.

  • Good Afternoon,

    I am trying to send out my first mailer. Here is some of what I have completed:
    -county to mail is chosen
    -type of vacant property with the characteristics that I am targeting
    -voicemail, website, and po box in place
    -process to field responses to mailer from sellers
    -mailer template with purchase agreement with the price per acre…[Read more]

  • Quick question for everyone: Do you have a preference between mailing tax delinquent lists or normal mailing lists? Do you get a better response percentage?

    For those that may target tax delinquent lists:
    -how many years of delinquency do you look at? (i.e. 2 years delinquent, 3 years delinquent)
    -do you combine your price per acre and the back…[Read more]

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