• I have been purchasing very small/cheap properties for about 6 months. I decided recently to reach out in my community and find someone to fund deals and work through the process with me in my home state. We had 4 offers that were accepted and at face value looked great, but fell apart during DD. We finally hit one that was about 2 acres almost at…[Read more]

  • I have a property that an owner is wanting to sell. He is the listed owner on the data I pulled. I found a deed from the 50’s from when his father owned it and it references that the children will have the property passed to them. After that I could not find a will anywhere. I have the date of death and everything. Does this kill the deal? I s…[Read more]

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    Good evening,

    I have an accepted offer near the coast. I confirmed this parcel is not in a flood zone, has the same soil as the surrounding properties through the GIS, and there is a city sewer line that runs under the street that this parcel is on. The owner of the property has advised this parcel has been owned by his father since the 50’s was…[Read more]

  • Good Afternoon,

    A few questions for due diligence that I am conducting on a property. I see a dirt road from an aerial view that appears to be legal access to a main road. Where can I find out for sure on the county website whether there is an easement or legal access? Secondly The recorded deed shows that this property was purchased by the…[Read more]

  • Good Morning,

    I am looking to diversify sources of land deals. Currently I work through mailers accross the Southeast and tax deed properties in Arkansas. I post Craigslist ads all over to generate leads on vacant land as well. I was looking to go more heavily into Tax Deed Sales and wanted to know if there were any counties are states where…[Read more]

  • Kevin,

    I really appreciate you looking into this and will keep that in mind going forward.


  • One of them was the lake Murray area outside of Columbia, SC. It’s Lexington County I believe. I didn’t see any SC data able to be pulled.

  • Good Morning,

    I have 2-3 markets I would like to mail, but the data pulled from AgentPro24/7 is scarce or non-existent. I use this platform since it allows me to pay as I go when pulling data. Does someone have a better place to go that will allow me to pull data as I go? Realquest and DataTree both require monthly memberships.


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    Does anyone have a tip on the best way to filter out POA/HOA property when pulling data? If so, where are you pulling your data from? AgentPro24/7 does not seem to have this capability.



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    Good Afternoon,

    Quick question on COSL Land: Does POA/HOA liens survive the tax deed sale after the state has taken the property back? Do we need to to be confirming the amount owed to POA/HOA before sending an offer? My understanding is that the offer I send is what is needed to own the property if accepted. Correct me if I am wrong.



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    That is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.

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    Does that remove owners that would have recently inherited the property or is that designated differently?

  • Good Morning,

    Has anyone found a correlation from experience between the number of years someone has owned a property and their willingness to sell? I have a lot of people in my maulers that had just acquired the property within the last year and are not interested in selling. I am looking at the idea of trying to filter out new owners.


  • I am starting to get overloaded with my list of “Don’t ever contact me again” people. Not a bad problem to have since I am getting some acceptances as well. Question, what is the best way to organize my “do not contact” list. Is this list even worth creating? What is the most efficient way to overlay this list against future mailers? I do not see…[Read more]

  • Good Morning,

    When getting calls from owners accepting offers, they are sometimes confused when I tell them that we need to confirm ownership and land attributes to ensure they fit investment criteria. My offer has a clause advising that the land needs to fit my criteria and I do not sign the purchase offer. Nevertheless, this causes some owners…[Read more]

  • Thanks for the feedback. These figures just seemed to be much different than the arbitrary “market value” or “tax value” that you see on parcel fact or any other site that just attributes $4000 or $7000 for a flat tax value to a piece of property. I had never previously opted to have these fields included when pulling data. When I did an average…[Read more]

  • Quick question: When pulling data from AgentPro24/7, you are able to populate a field that shows as ‘MarketValueLAND’ and ‘TotalMarketVALUE’ that pulls to the spreadsheet. Does anyone know where this data is pulled from and how it is determined? If I could base my pricing on those figures, I could create a much more pinpointed mailer. Does anyone…[Read more]

  • To confirm, that is $850 for the title and attorney to close, excluding the actual cost you are offering for the land?

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am wanting to know how much it should typically cost to close with an attorney in NC for those that have worked in that state before? I am trying to price that cost and title insurance into my mailer and am curious on what others typically pay?

    Thank you

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    Happy Monday to everyone,
    This may be a prior topic but it was taking a while sorting through prior posts. I wanted to see what people recommend for receiving payment. I do cashier’s check but just wanting to see if there were other ways people were receiving payment that worked for them? Thanks!

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