Deed Perfect and Land Pin

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    Dave VanSteenkiste
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    Hey Jill,
    This may not be the right channel but I’ve had no replies to comments made on the actual sites. I understand that your whole team is swamped, but I’d sure appreciate some feedback please and thanks.

    Land pin:
    Does not allow “meme” text in photos.
    I am just wondering why not and if this can be changed. I may list props from time to time before I send a photographer out using web screen shots. When I do this I like to add text like “area photo, not actual property” to the photo so not to deceive my buyers. Thought? Can LP make exceptions s?

    Deed perfect: when multiple signers on deed, only one gets produced on the PDF and the rest must be added by editing the PDF. I have requested this be fixed for a long time.

    I would be very appreciative if you could look into these please.

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