My First call came today!

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    was expecting to have my mailer hit tomorrow but got my first call today!
    This guy got a 5 acre parcel left to him by his mom when she passed away.she payed around 7500 for it back in the 70’s. he was still paying taxes and knowing what his mother spent on the parcel he was hoping to get a lot more than the 100 an acre i was offering. i tried my best to explain that the money he was looking to get for the parcel was not there, but he was set on having it appraised and wasn’t interested in my quick cash offer. No nasty response though, he understood what i was after and applauded my entrepreneurship. looking forward to the next call and some deals completed!

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    Progress update, Yesterday in a nutshell
    8 calls came1 in all no’s though:(
    one woman expected to get 500,000-1,000,000! ya crazy! one guy asked if there was a typo and if forgot one or two 0’s hahaha! he says the land is sought after and is prime for alphalpha growing.another man called and hung up when he realized our offer was $500.
    there was a woman who says she actually plans to sub divided and develop it.(ya good luck with that maybe your kids will call me one day!)
    of all the calls only one was angry left a voicemail asking what exactly we were getting at!

    of all the calls only one was angry.

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