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    Hey Everybody,

    I know a lot of people struggle with making things happen. You bought this course, it’s an expensive course, and you say to yourself: “I’m going to make this happen.” Without some accountability, that’s hard!

    It’s hard for me too.

    I’m going to try and journal my progress here as a way to keep myself accountable to both myself and you guys!

    My goals:
    1) Payoff my student loans
    2) Replace my family’s income with notes
    3) Build war chest of cash for more deals

    I want to accomplish #1 in the first 6 months, at least 50% of #2 by end of year one, and #3 along the way! I’m estimating for #s 1 and 2 it will take at least one deal per week for 2016 to accomplish.

    So what did I do this week to get there?
    -Watched Chapter’s 1-3 in the DVD set
    -Set up a few online accounts

    What am I going to do this week to get there?
    -Watch through Chapter 7
    -Finish setting up accounts
    -Get my first mailer ready to mail by Monday the 23rd of November

    I know this will help me, hopefully you will find it valuable as well!

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    Hi Aaron,

    Awesome goals! Keep us updated.

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    Good to see this catching on a little bit! @jeg3 @lake17 thanks for joining in!

    What did I do this week to meet my goals:
    -Watched through Chapter 5 (50%)
    -Did some research on some counties
    -Worked a little to develop the website

    What am I going to do this week?
    -Send out that mailer!!!
    -Watch through Chapter 7!!!

    Yes two of the same goals as last week. I’m in this for the long game, I wasn’t perfect this week, but I made some progress. I’ll do better this week!

    Good luck to Claire and James!
    Steve @admin , I’ll definitely take you up on that!

    Amy B
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    @ablore how goes it now?

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