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    I am operating from the old course passed to me from a family member and I noticed when it comes to the subject of title searches, the course doesn’t really address it. It basically shows an example of calling the county to verify who the current owner is… but that is about it.

    Which prompted me to do a search regarding how to do your own title searches because I certainly can’t be the first person to ask about this right?

    So far I have figured out there are two schools of thought: Find out who the current owner is so you can get the deed in your name and recorded by the county because you are wanting to sell it quickly and cheaply so you won’t have it around long enough to worry about anyway.

    The second is: Title searches are important and confusing and worth every dime to pay someone else to do for you… every time.

    I was hoping that you would share your viewpoint on the subject and tell us what you do and why? What suggestions do you have for someone first starting out when it comes to this topic?

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  • Luke Smith
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    Bought a title abstractor course to help answer this question for myself.
    Got this one over the cheaper ones on the internet because the guy teaching it answered the phone. If I have title questions I can call him! He loves this stuff.

    He explains a bunch of different kinds of title searches. Jack’s kind is what this guru calls a limited title search or investor title search. Basically who owns it?

    Then he goes into what the banks and insurance companies want. They have shareholders and are run by hourly employees that have to answer for everything. It’s not their money and they don’t want to be responsible for anything. So they go nuts. They go way back. Some go years like 30-50 years. Others do 3 different last names or do the developer of the subdivision.

    Lots of different styles.

    Basically look up the grantee each one linking to the prier one creating your chain of title. Then go grantor by grantor forward to see if any leins or mortgages come up. Check to see they are all paid.

    Then he checks the civil book in the recorders office to see if the land owners are named as defendants in any cases. This is also where divorce ppwk shows up.

    If you are scratching your head call him. Buy his course. He shows you. It’s really simple and people pay a bunch for it. Abstractors aren’t licensed, tested or regulated. How much do you really trust them? You are still supposed to read what they send you and make up your own opinion.

    Most interesting part for me was first thing he pointed out was how to look up taxes and back taxes. Not only the county this year but prier years too. He said that I’d the most common mistake. Not checking back taxes when current ones are paid. Also check for city or HOA taxes and fees too. They can be separate or collected by the county.

    I like Jack’s method. It’s the investor method!

    Darald (@AggieLand)
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    @luketsmith did you purchase an enrollment for a single state or did you talk them into some sort of package deal? I’m not sure how much the material taught would differ from state to state.

    Michael Aillon
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    Thanks for sharing this Luke!

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