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    Hobart King
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    I am using craigslist to try to drive traffic to my website. However, my posts keep getting removed in some cities (birmingham, Santa Fe, etc.) almost as soon as I post them. Note they will stay up in other cities. Here is the text of the post:

    Cash for Rural Land Acreage Lots – $1000
    We have cash waiting for your unwanted rural land. Any location. Any condition. We make offers on every response.

    We can close the same day if you are local or as little as three days if you are out of town.

    Call Hobie at 614-285-5539 or visit our website at


    Any ideas?

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    Craigslist doesn’t want you posting duplicate ads in the same city under the same account. They can “ghost” your ads (cause them to be only seen by you) or immediately delete them or make them “easy to flag” where they get removed after only one flagging.

    You can try re-writing the ads each time but the way craigslist views posts is that they only want people posting in one general area.

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