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  • Milan
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    Hey guys would you mind sharrying your monthly burn rate/expenses to run this fun bussiness? I mean with this recurring monthly bills, the amount you get charged no matter what every month.

    I’ll start. But I’m not representing the true land Profesionals here who do this full time. I’m goofy part time investor/daycare money seaker only. So if you want to succeed big, you most likely have to have bigger bills. But do you?

    My monthly burn rate:

    Mailbox – $12 monthly
    Website – $14 monthly
    Software – $18 monthly

    Total – Exactly $50 bucks.

    That’s it.

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    I might actually pick up some math tutoring classes too 🙂 it’s not $50 it’s $52

    John P
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    About $300 a month:
    Data $30
    Misc postage, supplies, etc. $20
    Mail box & associated fees $15
    Advertising (to buyers) $120
    Telephone costs ( $25
    Podio with Globiflow $25
    Zapier $25
    Web hosting server & domains $15
    TOTAL is $275, but I rounded up to $300 because I probably forgot something.

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    Thank you for sharing that John! That looks very healthy!

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    My second RQ payment is coming up this month, and I just pulled my first list which will be $310 by itself. Still need to set up website(s) and mailbox.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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