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    I’m wondering what you guys do for a mailing address, and what works best. USPS PO BOX, UPS store, virtual scanning service (maybe that wouldn’t work that well for this business?)?


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    I use a P.O. box. There were quite a few USPS locations near me and all had different pricing, so I just went with the cheapest one within 10 miles. $64 for 12 months.

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    I check my Pobox once per week – Friday. I have stamps and envelopes and checks for recording fees in the car already and always.

    I prepare my deeds and contracts in advance for the week. And when I check my Pobox on Friday, I process all my mail and ship right away. Notary is next door too. No time wasted going to post office once per week. Plus I’m not interested checking my mail every day. I’ve got better things to do.

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    That’s a great idea – thanks Milan.


    David Shelton
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    From what I’ve gleaned- I recommend choosing a virtual email address because of the reasons below. And by the way- Jack and Jill are setting up just this exact type of service. It should go live from what they’ve indicated in the next 90 days in the Gold level membership. Is that an indication of a smart idea or what!?

    Another member recommended Anytime Mailbox in one of the past posts. You’ll pay $8-$12/mo depending on which virtual address you choose. This is what I’m starting to use, and I’m extremely excited.

    Here’s why you should do it:

    1. Less work for you: No traveling to a local UPS/USPS every time you get mail
    2. More organized: All envelopes are scanned. The ones you select on the website or smart phone app will be opened and scanned to you. No misplaced mail! You have an electronic copy in your dashboard!
    3. Privacy: The address can be in another city or state that you incorporate in.
    4. They will cash any checks into your bank account if you set that up (awesome).

    5. A P.O. Box…
    a. May communicate that the business is not established/temporary/not legitimate.
    b. You have to drive to the post office to pick up the mail (time).
    c. What happens if you move to another city or state? You’re going to need to change your business address, and as Jack and Jill have stressed- never change your phone number or address! They’ve been getting deals years after sending mailers ($$ lost opportunity $$).
    d. It is a little less expensive and you can receive email notifications when new mail is received- but when you’re making 100-500% profit- you’re time is much more important than a few bucks.

    isabella alfred
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    I think dealing with a virtual mailbox services provider will be a suitable solution, as it provides you with a various services all included in one pricing plan; Virtual address to be used as your shipping address or your business address, Po boxes, Mail & packages forwarding, Mail scanning service, Packages consolidation with extra features i.e Shredding or recycling for the non important document to avoid messy mailbox.
    After searching a lot for the best reviews, i found that PostScan Mail, ipostal1, Virtual post Mail considered the Top 3 providers in the U.S you can go through their sites and choose the most convenient pricing plan.

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    I can say that it literally differs from person to person, i mean the delivery people.
    I’ve had some really horrible times, and some wonderful times.
    Good luck though

    Jake Robinson
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    The one thing I ponder is will these virtual mailbox (online) services still be in business in 5, 10, 15 years from now? They go out of business, sold, owner dies, technology changes etc – then you’re in the same boat as if you just moved and have a new address. Maybe I’m just being paranoid ;<)

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