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    Jason Wollbrink
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    Ok, so I have heard of some land investors using crms that completely organize their process… Then I see other big name guys using quite a few excels created for their needs. What are you using? For tracking the basics of your land business? I really am focus on improving this, and don’t want to spend a fortune, nor have to reinvent the wheel.

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  • Jill DeWit
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    I use AirTable & happy with tracking and moving properties through the system. Also easy to share access to specific “bases” within the software.

    Hope that helps! Jill

    Martin Z.
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    I 2nd Airtable also. It helps me move my properties I have through the steps to sold. Also, a great way to keep track of all my info. Right now, I’m working on using Airtable to automatically update my selling website using Zapier.

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