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    Luke Harris
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    I thought I’d post this to see what paid property advertising venues people find worth using and also if there are free (or paid) venues that I have not heard of. I currently am only using free venues to advertise my property and am able to make lots of sales.

    Currently when I buy a new property I use the following venues to advertise it:

    1. My website

    2. Craigslist

    3. Zillow

    4. Backpage

    5. Data2doorstep advertising resources (I’m a member)

    6. E-mail my buyers list

    7. Social Media-Facebook, twitter, instagram, google plus, tumblr, flckr etc. we pretty much do them all

    8. Neighbor letter

    On every property I buy, I go through all the same steps and post it on all those venues. Do you guys think adding some paid venues such as Landwatch, landsofamerica, land and farm or others is worth doing? What venues work best for you guys?

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  • Nat Bruno
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    Luke, I asked the same question on Land motivation and here in the pro section. Got no worthwhile responses. My guess is no one wants to share their marketing website that brings in lots of sales.

    I think we will have to test each website and see what it produces….

    Barry Warren
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    I’ll add to the post:

    1. My website – yes

    2. Craigslist – yes

    3. Zillow – yes

    4. Backpage – have before with little results – need to implement again on a wider scope.

    5. Data2doorstep advertising resources (I’m a member) – will be in that group shortly

    6. E-mail my buyers list – I seriously need to work on this part. I also need to scrape out about several years worth of land inquiry emails from my inbox and blast to see which addr. are still good and start mailing until they unsubscribe.

    7. Social Media-Facebook, twitter, instagram, google plus, tumblr, flckr etc. we pretty much do them all – I need to work on this more for sure! I have the tools…just not the time.

    8. Neighbor letter – Not regularly. I’ve called but haven’t mailed yet. It’s a great market to hit.

    Haven’t used the paid sites yet and feel like I’m missing a rather decent opportunity to get things moved quick for cash.

    Gary Horton
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    I use landwatch and landandfarm, I get some sales there but currently debating canceling because I get more buyers from craigslist. I use my website as the hub to get buyers contact info. Your email list should be #2 after your site. These buyers keep seeing your deals and see you are legit. Especially if you segment by area and reach the right people in a property ad. I also use ebay on cheap properties. Sometimes I curse its existence (fees and flakes) but I have had runs of 4 buyers paying in a row and for a really cheap lot a $1 30 day no reserve auction can get the job done and I usually get 2-3 questions tops. Zillow is ok for certain properties, at least it is free. I haven’t received any sales I know of from social media yet. I fell off doing neighbor letters, they produced a few sales and also a few buys so a plus if you want to buy more property in the area. I just put a property on landpin and hope that gets sales. I think the key is to be as many places as you can and focus on building your list, that is what you control and gets better over time.

    Jill DeWit
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    I did a top ten blog a while back… When Land Pin was Land Stay:


    Patrycja & Tom
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    Are all this places to advertise relavent to current market?
    what is your number one place for paid advertising ?


    JT Taylor
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    We are not experts (yet) on marketing, but we are tracking our results on the sales and inquiries we get from various marketing efforts. Here is what we do. Everything we post drives people #1 to our website, where they can buy the property with $500.00 down payment (they pay the remaining in escrow) or #2 Call us. That way we have a 1 point of decision in our marketing efforts so things don’t get messy. Here is our experience with various marketing channels:

    1. Website Post – Everything gets driven here and we have a VIP Buyers List they can sign up for. So far, this has only yielded a few signups.
    2. LandWatch – We paid the $85.00 a month subscription fee and its worked really well. We deal in properties that are 5 – 25 acres that are selling for 60% of market at around $20K to $45 list price, so it seems to fit what a lot of users on LandWatch are looking for. Great results so far, for sure worth the money for us.
    3. Craig’s List – This has brought in a LOT of interested folks. Most of them are looking for Terms deals. But also a few buyers that have the money ready to go. Great way to build your buyer’s list. Just everytime someone calls, ask if buying this property doesn’t work out, if they would like to hear about any new property before you post it on yoru website and manually add them. We re-up the posts every few days to make sure people keep seeing those. I have posted a few times in locations far away from the property with zero results.
    4. Buyer’s List – we are brand new, so we didn’t have a buyer’s list of thousands of names. So, I scrubbed LandWatch as Jack teaches and started adding anyone who I talked to and our buyer’s list is at 40 about a month ad a half after our first mailer. I posted a property to this list and it sold in 1 hour. So, I’m focused on adding as many names and email addresses as possible to this marketing channel.
    5. Facebook – We went into a few groups on Facebook that were specific to property/land sales in our area. We have gotten a pretty decent amount of interest from this.
    6. Letters to Neighbors – We sent out 10 letters to neighbors and got a response and he wants to buy the property. Just wants to make sure it has clear title as he’s heard stories. We are clearing title now and will have this 10 acres sold pretty quick. I want to expand this by sending about 100 letters to neighbors around the property we buy as I think its a great way to sell (gut feel, no data yet).
    7. LandPin – Posted it here, but so far I don’t think anyone has responded from this source.
    8. Backpage – Posted one property with no results.

    One last thing…Nat said, “Luke, I asked the same question on Land motivation and here in the pro section. Got no worthwhile responses. My guess is no one wants to share their marketing website that brings in lots of sales.

    I think we will have to test each website and see what it produces….”

    My experience has been that people on this forum are extremely generous with their information. I don’t really think there are any magic websites or magic marketing strategy that people are holding onto and won’t share. Instead, its just plain old hard work. All marketing is that way in my experience after running several companies and consulting with hundreds of others. You just have to test various channels and track your results. Some will work, some will not. Some stop working after a while. Test, test, test. I do know this, if you keep going, the right person will see your property. That’s why we made the commitment especially after we started buying our first properties and before they sold, to add one marketing channel a day until it sold. It’s a great goal to go after as it forces you to build your infrastructure.

    Hope this helps,

    JT Taylor

    Bill Halliday
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    I learned this week that Ebay won’t let me post any land for sale unless it is $1000 or less. Weird.

    Luke Smith
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    I’m liking YouTube more and more. Can target the area of the land. The sex of the buyer and the age of the buyer as well as their income levels. Get it in front of buyers who don’t even know they are shopping.

    Landwatch and landandfarm have been my Staples but I don’t like paying them as much as they ask.

    With YouTube I can create an audience and grow it over time. Like owning it vs renting space on landwatch or landandfarm.

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