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    Martha Rivera
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    We’re not necessarily new members. I joined in August last year and stayed as a member for a few months but had to take a full time job in a title agency leaving me basically no time to focus on business.
    Now, my husband Efrain and I are back and excited to be part of the Land Academy team again.
    I remember someone posting recommendation for a web designer but I can’t find that posting and we need our website designed this week.
    Could someone share or give recommendation for web designer and share your experience using them?

    Martha Rivera

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  • Jay Brown
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    I have had great experiences with Fiverr.com.

    I just search “real estate website design.”

    Good luck!

    Anthony Taft
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    If the purpose of your website is going to be showcase your For Sale properties, the easiest way to get up and running quick is just the basic WordPress install with woocommerce. It is the easiest way to build listings and start taking payments for your properties.

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