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    Moli Langi
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    I am still new, and I have a few lots on the market, and I am getting the question on if these lots have water and septic. So what is the best way to find out this information? and what are other things to know about the properties (other than topography, access, and comps).

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Moli – Congratulations on getting some land on the market. Usually I ask the seller when I am buying. They will usually tell you if there are any improvements. Otherwise, I assume there is no well and no septic. You can tell prospective buyers “there is no well and septic that I know of.” If they find a well after purchase from you, then that’s a bonus or them.

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    Luke Smith
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    For way out there land yea just assume no.
    For infill looking lots with houses in the area its better to ask the sellers and ask the department of health with the county or city and see if they have records. Check the neighbors too. Some have lots of records of good test and some with bad test too.

    Had one recently that looked really good to me on the water with nice houses in the area. Put it on the guy who grabbed it up is a really smart guy started talking to the department of health. It was still under review and not in the county records yet but he got the lady there that had been reviewing it. She had been out to the property a half dozen times over the prior year. Trying in different seasons and on different parts of the property to get a septic test to work. The land did not have a whole foot of dirt on it anywhere. It went straight down to hard pan as she called it. Even the expensive fancy alternative systems seemed to be out of reach here. The seller politely left that out of the description.

    Got one where the water line is at the street and there is a T box there. Neighbors have water hookups. This lot never bought a water share. Now they don’t have capacity to add on more houses and we don’t have a water share to force them. There is not really enough room to drill a well and install septic on the lot.

    Other lot I sold had a water share but it was not transferred through title. That was a mess. Lots of fees. Look for that.

    Other ones the water connections were on moratorium or very few left. Wanna watch for that too.

    Lots of the time the water company charges vacant land a standby fee. Sometimes that does not get paid and you find out later. Watch for that fee too. Title misses that a lot!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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