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    What do you think about property in Northern AZ with washes running through them? In this particular case there are homes in the area, but all of them seem to avoid the lots with washes running through (except a few that have them at the rear of the property). The property in question at just over an acre seems to have a wash running right through the middle of it.

    Would you buy at a discount or just walk away?

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    Erik, we call those Arroyo’s in the Southwest. They are usually dry unless you get a rain…and they can be deceiving…cause what happens is you don’t get rain for a long time then all of a sudden you get 2″ in an hour up stream and the water comes running down in a wall of water….seen it so bad that it would blow culverts right out of the road.

    the good news is that we call these “seasonal creeks”…ha ha.

    But they can affect the use of the property and hence the resale. But I have also see people bring in equipment and dress them up. So good that you are aware of this but it really depends on how much usable ground it affects…but everything has it price and will sell at the right price and terms. Just my thoughts….on this….without knowing how much it affects the property.

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