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  • Charles Hosch
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    Steve, Jill, and fellow community members, thank you for your expertise; I am extremely lucky to have learned from you all. I invested in the membership program around January or so, sent out my first mailer in February, and made my first purchase in March. The gentlemen (cousins) that were selling the property fit the ideal scenario: they inherited the land in the ’80’s, never did anything with it besides keep the taxes current, and were motivated to sell. I actually sent the mailer to one of the gentlemen’s mother who happened to be deceased, but her name was still on the property. The seller called me and mentioned he received the mailer that I sent to his mother and asked if I was interested in buying 3 additional (separate) parcels in addition to the one I made the offer on, in which I eventually did after I completed my research. Parcel details:

    Parcel 1: 3.9 Acres
    Parcel 2: 1.5 Acres
    Parcel 3: 0.73 Acres
    Parcel 4: 0.24 Acres
    Total Purchase price: $750

    It definitely was a learning process talking with the County Recorder’s Office to ensure I didn’t get the deed returned back for errors, but I’m proud to say that I have the recorded deed in my possession! It’s taken me a little while, but I’d imagine I’ll be able to do this again in at least half as much the time in the future. I’ll be plastering these properties for sell everywhere soon (wish me luck)!

    Kevin Farrell
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    Charles – Good for you! Now take what you now and keep going. Once you figure out how to get those deeds recorded at the county it becomes very easy. Just crank them out.

    Darald Berger (@AggieLand)
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    @chuckh congratulations on your early success!

    Charles Hosch
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    Thank you Darald.

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