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    Darald (@AggieLand)
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    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has any experience working with figuring out the parcel location of stuff that was last surveyed in 1948 when they were referencing distance in varas?

    The deed reeds like this starting out:

    BEGINNING at a stake marking the east corner of said 40-acre tract, said stake also marks the south corner of Frericks 39-acre tract, from which stake a live oak marked X bears south 43* west 13.5 varas;
    THENCE north 47* west 150 varas along the northeast line of said 40-acre tract to a stake;

    I found a Texas land measure guide that tells me how to convert veras to feet, but still lost on this one.

    The County said they don’t have surveys or any other records that would be helpful.

    I do have a friend of a friend that is involved with some sort of surveying job that may be able to figure this out but thought I’d ask for the groups suggestions also.

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  • Milan
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    Darald, does the land have apn number? If so, maybe I would just look the parcel up on parcel fact, title pro, or data tree, than with a help of another computer or tablet or phone I would create polygon on google earth using rocks and whatever is on the land as close as I could, take GPS coordinates.

    Use description exactly like it is on vesting deed to create your deed.

    Sell it and let the buyer figure it out.

    Luke Smith
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    I have seen bars but not varas. Might check out the BLM website. They have a bunch of old deeds from the president’s. Might also check the Texas Rail Road commission. Or look up the neighbors and map them to find yours.

    Darald (@AggieLand)
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    @luketsmith thanks for the reply.

    @milan yes it has an APN but it was surveyed so long ago, it’s not mapped in the counties GIS system.

    I was able to talk with the owner more and was told approximately where the property was and that it once had an oil well on it. I was able to locate the drive on Google maps. This area was not too far out of the way yesterday while driving home from a client meeting, so I was able to find the property. The old oil wellhead is capped off but there are still two holding tanks at the back of the one acre property. There is no telling if they emptied and cleaned the tanks properly as it’s been 6 years since the well was last active according to the owner. Due to all this I think I’m going to pass on this one!

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    Smart move Darald!

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