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    Ariel Muller
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    @jilldewitt @luketsmith @admin
    So I’m ready to get the data and m send a mailer but I to be sure I have the right documents/paperwork for each step.
    I set aside (from the data disc) the following document templates for the following steps,
    -Acquisitions- (notary close) sale deed and warranty Titled “evangelical free church pershing deed doc”
    -sales- “deed pilot sell to john smith” and the deed instruction template
    Can you just clarify that these are the correct paper for those steps of the proccess or can you piont me to the right documents to use for those steps in the data discs?
    I’m so close to getting these deals rolling just want to be ready for them!
    Thanks for all the help!

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  • Luke Smith
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    I think you pretty much send out the offers and see who accepts them then go from there. See what their deed was when they bought it. Copy that. Change the grantor and grantee around.

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