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    Blake Jones
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    Hi everyone,

    I’m scaling up and wanting to outsource due diligence to a VA. I’ll provide the checklist and still be responsible for the decision but I’m wanting to outsource the leg work. For those of you doing this any recommendations? Anyone using the in the Philippines for this? Or did you use some of the people on Upwork? Feedback appreciated Thanks!

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  • Steve Foster
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    It must be value competitive advantage when no one responds to such an important issue / topic for scaling a business (work done by assistants) lol j/k

    I’ve used and they’re pretty decent–not as thorough as I’d have hoped on a couple of pieces of info, but I use them to knock out 80% of their due diligence checklist, and then I save a couple of calls to County Zoning and Clerk’s Office and local utilities (if applicable) just to make sure I’ve hit the most crucial pieces before pulling the trigger. In short, they’ve saved me time and have been worth the money but I’ll probably continue to use them until I train a dedicated acquisition VA, as they haven’t been a turnkey “solve every DD problem” kind of solution.

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