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  • B.D. Jones
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    Hi all. I’m doing deals in one state so far and am getting title work done in this state very cheaply. I’m branching out to other states where I will need to do title work. How do you non-members, or members before there was title pro in the package, do your due diligence on title? I saw an older video Luke Smith posted on youtube and it looked like he was pulling docs from Agent Pro 247. Any advice on title due diligence in this situation? Anyone want to share what they’re doing. Thanks.

    Kevin Farrell
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    B.D. – I look for an online source for deeds. First I go to the county website and see what they have available. Many have deeds available for download. Some outsource their data storage to another firm. You can get them for a small fee like $1 or $2 per page. If that doesn’t work I might look in TP247 but honestly, if the county does not have electronic data, the deeds won’t be in TP247 either. Lastly, I call the county recorder and ask for a copy of the deed. Some counties require me to send in a check for a couple of bucks before they will mail the deed. Most just fax or email the deed no charge.

    I have never used a Title company to do my Due Diligence. I am doing what they would have to do to get the data. So I don’t need to pay them.

    B.D. Jones
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    Thank you Kevin. From what you’re saying it sound to me like the resources the county has online are as good as TP247. Would you agree? Also, I guess you find encumbrances that way too?

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    What Kevin said applies. The data is as good as the county data online.

    The county will always get you your stuf for a fee and it takes forever – mailing checks and so on.

    I do have my own Datatree account – pay as you go. They seam to have more stuff than TP247 which I have too.

    Datatree stuff is expensive. I do this as a hobby, not a real business so far. I’ve too many stuff going on right now.

    That’s why I’m not a member. If you do it seriously like a business with volume and have time for it – land academy membership is fantastic deal. I will join eventually. Or maybe never.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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