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    Title companies are driving me crazy with their long close. Few properties I am buying through couple title companies are now in 1 month wait and counting and still nothing is happening. When you contact them they are polite and they say: We are still waiting for title report. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    My question for you guys is: What is your strategy to make sure the seller doesn’t change his mind in this never ending wait. I know, I know, they signed purchase agreement. But I believe they can back off from the deal anytime if they want to. I am thinking about sending the seller check for $300 or so to keep him committed. What do you guys do?

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    If you are asking for more than 10k cash, people will be reluctant to close without title. However, if you do a deal on a Land Contract it isn’t as big of a problem.

    I just did a 30K+ deal on Land Contract (self-closed) without any talk of title! But it isn’t as concerning when you a paying a couple hundred a month for 10 years vs 15k cash upfront.

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