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    Roscoe Parsley
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    Hi all, this is a “new guy” kind of question, so I apologize for my lack of knowledge. Anyways, I’m working in a state where Jack’s summary says closings are through title companies. Does this mean that I have to close through a title company? I got a few quotes, and it seems that the title company fees would be around 700 dollars, which is about as much as I’m offering for the pieces of land.

    I would be fine with doing a notary close and doing my own title research, as long as it is legal.

    Anyways, would just like some clarification on the matter. I don’t want to get into any legal trouble.

    Thank you very much.

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  • Rod Hall
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    Could you check the summary you spoke of again? There are some states that have laws requiring an attorney be involved in a real estate closing. But I’m sure there are plenty of land buyers for instance in Florida that do not use an attorney either. Florida is one of those dates with a law requiring an attorney. I can’t think of a reason it would not be lawful to do your own chain of title research. For a $700 property you could do that to a point.

    Amy G
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    Hi guys, I’m wondering where this “summary” is that you’re referring to? I’ve been looking into this very issue today.

    It’s funny you mention Florida @rodhall98 because I was just doing some research on that state today. I feel like it’s hard to get a clear sense of whether you need an attorney to close deals there or not. Here are a few sources of info I found. The last link is an article from a lawyer stating that an attorney is not required to close in FL but of course he suggests it’s a good idea to use one. :}

    I want to tag @24jbrooks, Josh Brooks as well as it sounds like you buy in FL a lot. Can you close small deals without a title company or attorney or must you use at least one of those?

    Appreciate hearing your experiences with this… thx!

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