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    George Dean
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    Looking for insight from the experienced…

    I just re-watched the DVD on selecting your first property ‘hoping’ I missed specific parameters/guidelines in selecting a county.

    I feel a little lost and lack the confidence with the information I gleamed from the section to move forward, in all honesty.

    1. Google earth… 1-2 hours outside metropolitan area with low population density. I got that.

    2. Tax Sale…. no guidelines given. I am not exactly sure what I’m looking for. Are we just checking that the county has SOME parcels? Do we want less than 200 parcels or more than? Is 3000 too many or is that desirable? Is there a such thing as too many parcels for counties that pass #1? I felt Steve was making decisions in his head about the data. What are we looking for here? What gives a GREEN light and what is a RED light?

    3. Landwatch,ebay…. How cheap and how many do we want? I believe he said we want to find counties with other 5 acre, $2-$5k properties for sale. Are we just wanting to make sure there are some comps present and pricing isn’t out of whack? What if 5 acres in a great county was $20K (wouldn’t we just adjust our price to $5K for 5 acres?)

    I was hoping for a little more of a spreadsheet formula in this section.

    George in Dallas




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  • S. Jack Butala
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    Thanks for your question, George. This is the first one of its kind from any of our hundreds and hundreds of members so I’m happy to clarify this point specifically for you.

    As I state in the program, I’ve developed a simple three step process for identifying likely places (counties) to purchase unwanted vacant rural land and resell it for more on the internet efficiently.

    It’s imperative that you grasp this concept as it pertains to this task and buying undervalued property in general: There are no hard and fast rules or a “red and green” light approach. If there were, everyone would be able to accomplish what we do and many of our successful members do every week. So I’m happy to report that it provides a natural barrier to entry. You have to find your own groove and it’s different for all of us here at SuccessPlant.

    Here’s the summary in grass roots speak: Take a look at rural areas that are attractive places to holiday from larger cities in the US (I show you how and where to get that info in the program). Verify how many tax delinquent properties there are in the areas your are “Testing.” “More” defaulted properties are “usually” a sign that bargains are to be had through a well planned out mailing campaign. Too many (Wayne County, MI or Detroit) are a bad sign in my, 15,000+ completed transactions, opinion. Again I explain this in great detail in the program. And finally (my favorite because this is like inside information) check the sites where you plan to post the properties you sell like landwatch and landandfarm. Here is an example: If a ton of 5 acre properties are selling for around 5K, it usually means there are many sellers who are willing to sell for much less via direct mail. Like a $500.00 purchase price, for example.

    Does it work every single time if you follow these suggestions? I has for us, but you may find different results. I’ve personally sent out mailers the incorrect way for years until we refined the method we teach in the program (the one you are asking about here). That’s the real value in our education.

    Finally, your point about out-of-whack pricing in number 3 of you questions is EXCELLENT. That is what I am trying to convey. This program works just about everywhere. The only variable is purchase to sale price. We have members who buy property for $100K and sell it for $300K using this model. Jill and I choose to lower end to education introduction purposes. It works with houses, apartment buildings and other RE niches. We have programs in the works for these types of properties.

    The more mail you send out, the more successful you will be. Refine the content as you go to suit your preference.

    Thanks so much for taking this program seriously and I hope this helps.

    George Dean
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    Excellent. As soon as you said ‘test’, the the light bulb came on.

    What do you believe is the perfect size test mailing ??? I guess 500-1000?

    Three step test is really designed to find which county would be a great county for a test mailing… And then roll out based upon a successful test mailing.

    Ariel Muller
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    @george For step 2-Verifying how many delinquent properties a county has, where does one get that information? In the e book it looks like @stevenbutala was on the county website with a heat map image but I couldn’t seem to get that map on my chosen counties site?

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    Just to add another method for finding ideal counties – I was using agentpro247 and they didn’t have tax delinquent information for the counties I wanted to mail to, so I just picked the top 10 least populated counties (did a google search to find the list). Since I’ve been working east coast states, there are really no desert-like, nothing-there areas. The farthest most rural county is still only 2 hours away from a major city.

    I would not try and find the “perfect” county to mail to. There are motivated sellers in every rural county. I think Steve is trying to give us the ideal scenario and trying to maximize our responses but I think you can do a lot of things wrong, i.e. offer to little, non-optimum county, bad letter copy, but you will still get deals.

    You are going to make mistakes, but better to make them sooner than later.

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