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    Micah Miller
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    Glad to be a new member of the land investors community.

    My name is Micah and I’m from the Seattle, Washington area. More specifically Snohomish County.

    I got my start in the investing space about 3 years ago. I started out in the stock market, then learned about precious metals investing, and then cryptocurrency. I work hard to improve upon the skill and knowledge I already have.

    Currently I’m only making about $30k on paper doing valet at a local casino, which isn’t much. But I manage to put away about $1k per month. I think land flipping could potentially improve my income, and if not, give me the knowledge to find amazing long term holds. After all, they aren’t making land anymore.

    I have always wanted to get involved in the Real Estate space, but traditional markets feel untouchable in my current financial situation. When I first though of real estate investing, I thought of wholesaling, fix and flips, BRRR strategies, etc etc. But with these strategies there are so many unknown variables that can quickly bleed your pockets dry. There is a lot of risk, competition, and the need for a large amount of capital.

    I came across a landacademy ad on instagram one day and my whole outlook on Real Estate changed.

    I’ve been stowing away shares of stock, silver, and crypto, and now it’s time to start accumulating another asset… Land!

    I have a few areas in the country that I’d like to do some research on, but am not sure what tools I will need to get started. From what I understand, there are county records that you can look into to get more information on property.

    I’m going to do some poking and prodding around the forums on this site to see what I can find. If you can give me some tips on where to start in the mean time, that would be so very much appreciated.

    One more thing…

    If you have your eye on any property in Washington state around the Puget Sound, let me know if there’s any way I can help you out. Sometimes it helps to have eyes on the ground.

    I am so excited to connect with all of you.

    Great to be apart of the Land Investors.

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  • Ellen Britt
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    Welcome Micha! You sound like you are well positioned to hit the ground running. I am a new member as well, having just joined a few days ago. There is a wealth of information and connections to be made here.

    ~ Ellen

    Scott Stracener
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    Hello Micah,

    Welcome to the group. Get ready for a great prosperous ride and be sure to bring your helmet. We are also new to LA and live in Everett, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

    So in the spirit of the GREAT philosopher, SJB, “Put your Helmet on.”

    – Scott and Denise

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