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    Does anyone use Is it useful in finding a target county as told in the past?

    Is there anything different or another approach that you can use?

    Does anyone recommend it for one of the criteria criteria of picking a target county?

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    Never used them. They will probably light up Podolsky’s dumpy “secret county list”.

    I am having success offering $350 an acre in counties where the average price is $1,000 an acre.

    Find a state you like, start looking for 5 acre properties (or whatever size works for you) on Landwatch, sort by price, and you’ll start seeing some counties that are in your price range.

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    No. Thats what was shown in the Cash Flow for Life program and it was filmed in 2014 or 2015. They are releasing the updated version today showing how to buy rural vacant land with the new tools. Hang tight and burn through those videos tonight once it goes live!!

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