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    I just signed up a few weeks ago. I’ve recently completed the Cash Flow From Land and Land Academy 1.0 training. I found the Land Academy podcast several months ago and have been listening to it while at work or driving. I have been on the fence for a bit about whether or not I should join due to skepticism.
    In the past I have been a member of the local real estate investment club, and have participated in several different real estate seminars. So far none of them has made as much sense to me as the information provided here. Maybe it is the data driven aspects or that there are quantifiable metrics that appeal to me.
    Currently I am active with residential rental properties. I find this limiting as I am reliant on institutional financing and there is heavy acquisition competition in this market as well.
    I look forward to chatting with you in the group and hope that as I become more experienced that I have insight to offer others too.
    Take Care,

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    Nice. Good choice -best

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    Austin – Welcome to the world of Land Investing. There are bunch of smart, successful people on this forum who will help you get going. Do the training and send the mail out. The rest will follow.

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