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    Greg Srader
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    I got a letter today saying that a survey is required to transfer the appraisal & tax account to my name (the deed has already been recorded)

    I’ve already sold this lot and five others in this neighborhood. They were all cash deals.

    Have you seen this before? Am I responsible for paying for 6 surveys? This could really hurt! What if it grows to 12 next year and 24 the next?

    This is a first for me.

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  • Luke Smith
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    Oops, learn something new everyday. I just got my first series LLC today. I’m excited. Now I use a bunch of different LLC’s that make for more ppwk and state fees to keep them going. Theses series LLC’s can have unlimited series. Each property can be in it’s own series. It can be set up to start on the buy of the land and close up shop on the sell.

    Oops happens.

    It really hurts if you are not prepaird.

    If you are prepaird you can make a business decision to play your cards accordingly. Maybe it’s not so much ppwk or money and your name and reputation is worth more. I know mine is to me. Or maybe it’s a really costly oops and you tell the person you don’t work for that LLC anymore they went out of business.

    Greg Srader
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    Thanks Luke,

    I will pay for the surveys if I have to, but I’m really wondering if the appraisal district can require this. They said that this neighborhood isn’t matching up with their GIS map and they want all future parcel sales surveyed.

    I will also look into the series LLC.

    Greg Srader
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    I asked the appraiser why he is requiring a survey, and he said he is
    having trouble valuing these lots and wants to compare the square footage of my $750 survey to his records. I asked him to email me a copy of the statute that requires this, and his assistant called me the next morning saying that they no longer need a survey, and they have transferred the account.

    Darald (@AggieLand)
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    @gws1977 awesome update, glad it all worked out for you!

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