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    Shaun Stevens
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    Just wanted to share a quick success story with everyone. I sent a mailer to a county and got nothing but extreme hate. I did under priced it a bit. I finally got someone willing to sell but they wanted $6000 more than I was offering. I asked if he was willing to do an option, he said no. He would only sell for the price he was asking. I thought I could make some decent money even at his price so I posted what I call a “feeler” add on Craigslist with vague pics and maps of area before purchasing. When people called about my feeler listing I told them it was no longer available but that I had a property that I’d be selling soon that was an even better deal. After getting the contact info for 8 very interested buyers at my price per/acre I went ahead and purchased the property for $17,300. I then sent the property details to the 8 contacts telling them I would be listing online soon but they had first crack. Within 24 hours I accepted an offer for $27,100. I owned the property for 16 days before we finally closed the deal. I didn’t double my money but I’ll take a quick $9,800 profit for a $17,300 purchase any day. I think I’ll be using the “feeler” Craigslist adds a lot more now.
    Thanks Jack and Jill!

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  • Shammgod
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    Awesome, congrats Shaun!

    Robert Johnson
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    Great News Shaun.

    Jason Cochard
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    Great tactic Shaun, thanks for sharing!

    Chaz Albrecht
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    Sweet man! I’ve been thinking about doing this for the last two weeks now. Gonna start utilizing craigslist more often now. Thanks for sharing.

    Peter Toth
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    Great job ! Did you post it to just one location on craigslist or did you take a shotgun approach and post to many cities around the target property?

    Also, did you just have calls going to voicemail or did you have them go to a website first?

    Thank you in advance and thank you again for sharing.

    Joe Snustad
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    Thanks for sharing Shaun, nice work!!

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