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  • Shammgod
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    Putting together my first mailer today, and sending next week.

    Sending out 1,500+ on the 1st one to three different counties(500ish each), and planning to scale up aggressively assuming all goes well.

    If anyone is in Texas and wants to meet and chat land biz, let me know. I’m a rookie today but diving in head first so plan on picking things up fast- so excuse the next month or two of newb questions, will hopefully have a lot to give back in the near future.

    Planning on dedicating the next several months exclusively to learning this business- knowing that, I’d love to hear what your 2-3 month plan would be if you were in my shoes and going all-in on land.

    Looking forward to getting to know you!

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    First mailer went out today!

    Chaz Albrecht
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    First two to three months just put your head down and work (sounds like you are). Get on the member call EVERY Thursday. It was a huge help to me. Ask A LOT of questions on here as well. Have fun brother.

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