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    My name is Earl White – co-founder of House Heroes LLC.

    I manage our website – Google “sell my vacant land” and we rank #1 in the world. We rank #1 for similar terms and top 5 for most motivated vacant land seller queries.

    Obviously, SEO leads are the highest motivated leads as the leads are contacting you (not a question if they need to sell – just a question if the numbers make sense). SEO leads also have “built in” trust because Google’s stamp of approval to rank you on page 1.

    I only work deals in Florida – but I generate leads everywhere.

    I am looking to kick my non-Florida leads to local land investors. Since when I refer the lead, I do need to have a sense of confidence the lead is in good hands.

    If you would like to partner together on vacant land leads in your market, please e-mail me at or call 954-519-5090. Requirement would be you’ve done 15+ land deals – bonus points if you can cover multiple-markets or have real estate license.

    If you work a very tiny area, obviously it might not be ideal because I may not have a regular in flow of leads in such a tiny area.

    Thank you!

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