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    Aroldo Villarreal
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    Seller asked if I’d increase my offer if they included the mineral rights in the sale. I asked if they had any existing leases or anything like that for the minerals (did I even ask that right? Haha, I’m watching a video right now to better understand: VIDEO HERE )

    My question is, do we even care if the land comes with mineral ownership? Do we increase/decrease offer accordingly?

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Aroldo – normally we just buy and sell surface rights. I think it was smart to ask if there is lease income with that land. That would obviously make it more valuable. People who are selling 5 acres in the middle of nowhere and with no other producing wells for many miles are just dreaming if they think the mineral rights add value. I have adjusted offers in some counties in TX and OK where the gas and oil wells are sprinkled all over the county. Seems like a much higher chance of exploring and finding oil in an area like that. I might offer 20% more but only if I think I can sell it for more money.

    That is my limited experience.

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