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    Had a seller say they’d only use their title company that they’ve dealt with before. Even going as far as to say they’d pay for them if needed.

    Seemed strange to me that they’d be willing to foot the bill to use a title company on the sell side. Anything I should be concerned with?

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  • Joe McLain
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    I think that I would ask him why he prefers to use their own title company. Could be a friend where they are throwing them some business so I wouldn’t worry about it. Nice to know if he is selling that much property where he needs his own title company that you check and see if you can network with them for some future deals.


    Trevor Probandt
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    No way, lots of folks just like their own title company to do the deals. Remember, 99.9% of people will never close a real estate deal on their own. There is comfort in the office, staff and mountain of paperwork that they need to sign. I think this is a great sign, they are serious about selling at your price and if anything comes back as a red flag, you walk. I wish every seller was like this!!!

    Robert Johnson
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    I agree with Trevor. If they are paying for the closing costs you don’t have much to lose.

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