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    SNAGIT for Screen Capturing images and video. SnagIt is not free, it does have a one time charge of $49 and then you download and own the software. Here is a link to a 15 day free trial There are lots of free alternatives that will let you take screenshots but this one will let you screenshot images and save as pdf or do a screenshot of video and then post direct to youtube which could be very useful for doing youtube video flyovers of your property and posting to landwatch or your website. If you are super frugal and don’t want to pay for a screen capture software I was using before I bought Snagit and was happy with it.

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  • Luke Smith
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    I have used a couple different ones for screen capture videos. My favorite one so far is SimpleScreenRecorder

    Noticed the two @travis is pointing out are for Windows or Mac SimpleScreenRecorder is for Linux. Totally free like almost all Linux software. Could use that money to buy some more land right?

    S. Jack Butala
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    Travis, this forum is going to save me a ton of time. I can’t thank you enough for the suggestion. If you have any more brainy thought, please let me know.

    I use Snagit for everyday images and recording especially for Land Videos on Youtube.

    Adobe Connect is the professional way we record for DVD and online courses.

    Michael Aillon
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    For years, I’ve used Gadwin printscreen 2.6 its very simple. Additionally, you might like to use “Free Clip” as well. This is a tiny piece of software to store multiple “cuts” (including screen captures) in a buffer allowing you to recall them later for pasting. Both are simple and free.

    Adam Fenner
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    I just found a way to do screen captures with Quicktime. I don’t know if it is a Mac only feature but here is a 2 minute video showing how it works. It worked well for me when I tried it out.

    Jake Robinson
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    I have to chime in on Snagit… I’ve used it for years (when it was around 7 or 8.0 version) You won’t regret the price for value. They also continue to improve and add features and benefits. You can now create gifs and png downloads – very easy. You can also now take a screenshot and then take a different one and merge the two… this ca n be a big gamechanger.

    I love the ability to mark up my images with arrows, text etc… great way to show land boundaries, features and point out something of interest…

    Highly recommend Snagit by Techsmith.

    Kevin Farrell
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    +1 Snagit

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