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    Ben Dao
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    I sent my first “solo” mailer a few months ago. I say “solo” because I have done mailers with another Land Academy member before. But this was the first one I did all on my own. I sent out about 1400 units in Tennessee. I did take a few angry calls that bothered me at first but after it was ok. I finally had a guy that wanted $10k for his 11 acres. My offer was $7k. I called him and we agreed to $9k.

    I called up the the closest escrow company and decided to do it through title. They guy owned it in a Trust. With closing cost, the total cost was about $10k.

    I posted the land on LandWatch, RuralVacantLand, FaceBook, and Craigslist. After a few inquiries, a young guy just out of the military hit me through FaceBook message. He wanted the place and is taking out a loan to buy it. I talked to the bank and they said he is pre-approved and just needed an appraisal. We waited a few weeks for that but it came back fine. Once that came back, we were ready to close.

    I was able to sell it for $24k. Now, I just sent out my 2nd mailer today. I didn’t send my 2nd mailer until I sold that first deal. I know I should be more consistent with it but I really wanted to feel I had a small financial cushion before sending out my 2nd. I did hire a call center to take my inbound calls. Now, it is just about trying again and trying to get better in this great land game.

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Ben – Excellent! 5 Stars for you. Thanks for posting this.

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    Nice work Ben!

    Regarding the angry callers, they can be seriously disturbing. I’ve seen members here recommending to apologize and tell them you made mistake after angry caller calls and unloads on you. I recommend not doing it. Why should you be a good puppy and feed their egos? I’m not a good puppy. I ask them who are they talking to? And to watch their language. Few times I called them back again and told them I’m waiting for their apology for their strong language. I show them my pride and confidence in my offer. Guess what? I’m getting deals from it. My recommendation is to not be a good puppy. Show your pride and don’t let them offend you.

    Ben Dao
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    Nice angle Milan. Glad you are getting deals from that. It’s hard for me to clap back too much. I usually just say sorry for any inconvenience or something like that.

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