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  • Milan
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    I am In escrow for na amazing property I am buying In Nevada. I wisited this place with couple of my buddies over the weekend. It was an epic road trip. I still have a massive head ache 🙂

    This land has everything and anything. It’s in ghost town, it has electricity, water, gas connection, half burned house, old scary other house, old vintage rusted cars, piled up tires, mining equipment. It’s a mess. But it is kind of a beautiful old western American mess. And all of it is on 40 acres with mountains all around walking distance to a restaurant. So the area is not completely dead.

    Maybe this is kind of a stupid idea and wishful thinking, but can land like this be rented to Hollywood? I saw few websites where owners can list their properties for film production rental. What do you guys think?

    I already know Steve’s answer: Sell it for double and move on. You’re not in rental land business. I agree!!!! Haha. But it’s nice to dream a little.

    Michael Aillon
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    Actively do both!

    Why not have a little fun with it? Its all in how you market the property. So find someone who is creative and has the same vision that you just described. Except, ask for 4x the price for a hollywood buyer/renter.

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    Yes Michael. Great point. This is a great problem to have. Let’s see if title company is not going to kill this deal. It’s been a month already and they are still doing title report.

    John Reid
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    That sounds exciting, Milan! Keep us posted.

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