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    Kathleen DeNault-Ridge
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    Ok…as I get further into this, I have come to the sad realization that my old Dell simply isn’t gonna cut it! As we rely on our computers to run our land businesses…I’m looking for a few good suggestions. I’m a PC-kind-of-person and need something that can handle the multi-tasking aspects of this business (graphics/images/videos, spreadsheet, internet/cloud intensive, etc.).

    This computer would really be just for the land business (no gaming, watching Netflix, etc,).

    Laptop is good, touchscreen is ok but not necessary, good size screen is good. I’m not brand-committed. Just need something better than what I’ve got!

    So…what are you all using?

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  • Joe McLain
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    I have been eyeing the Microsoft Surface or Surface Pro. Everyone that I know of that uses them are happy. You might want to check them out. These are tablets but built for working instead of gaming/leisure. You can run all of the MS office apps that you need. There’s a deal on Groupon (159 bucks)for one if you search that site. Best of luck


    Aaron Sauceda
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    Surfaces are very nice, I recommend them for light users. I find them hard to use without a sturdy table top though, so I’d prefer to have a laptop with a firmer chasis. I personally like the Lenovo Carbon X1, which is heralded as the gold standard in the business world. I think that’s a great place to start.

    John Reid
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    I am in a similar boat. The most important thing is the specs for the laptop. For this land business, get a laptop and there are only two specs most important to remember. RAM: 8 gb minimum and no less the core i7 processing speed. THis will allow you to do business functions, juggle graphics like Google Earth and multiple screens. All the power you need. Less than that will be slow, higher will just be over kill and more money. After that, just shop for quality and price…like an ACER.

    8gb RAM
    Core i7 and above

    Good Luck, John

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