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    One other good online contact manager is RealFlow.com it’s on a subscription basis. It’s nice because you can be on any computer and have access to all your files, contact, pictures , extra. Cost $69-$99 per month

    thanks for posting this, ill check it out.

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  • Joey Elaty
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    i use http://www.Freedomsoft.com, referral link we each get a special deal: https://freedomsoft.com/vhftf1webr1-a
    it has a built in phone system call inbound outbound sms back and fourth auto campagins, email touchs (not mass email like mail chimp, think more individual touches one on one automatically, docusign built in, document generator, attatch files, pics, and a ton more

    a partner of mine switched from realeflow to freedomsoft, worth checking out, we use it in the land business bc of all that and you can track mailing campaigns, ROI, and custom fields and so much more

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