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    Dave VanSteenkiste
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    If address is not displayed when we run the report, does that mean that there is no address on file and that I should clear those records from the download? *I want to be sure on this because in several reports I have run, I would say50-75% of the addresses are not displaying.
    If this is the case it there a setting that I can set to only display records with addresses, or do I need to manually scrub out?
    Lets say I run a report in a particular county and the number of properties that fit my criteria is significantly higher than the amount I want to mail to in any one county a this time so that I can spread out over multiple counties. Is there a way to track which ones I selected and which ones I did not? For example, say my search came up with 4K records. But I only want to mail 1K per count ea quarter. I need to figure out if there is a way to track 1st 1K, 2nd 1K, 3rd 1K, etc.

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  • S. Jack Butala
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    Thanks, Dave and sorry for the delay.

    1) If there is no address it most likely means that the data that the county has on tax record is incomplete. Yes, clear those files and do not send.

    2) I believe you need to manually scrub out those records. I do it in excel. You should probably do it before you download them so you don’t get charged.

    3) Excellent question. This is what I do: I find a unique identifier in the APN scheme. So if you have 4K records, sort them in order from low to high. Pick the first 1K and write down the last APN in that sort. Then next time you can begin with the next APN in order. Here is an example

    Run 1: 1 – 1000 APN 101-01-000 through 103 -02-213

    Run 2: 1001 – 2000 APNs 103-02-214 through 107-06-997

    Run 3: 2001- 3000 APNs 107-06-998 through 107-09-1000

    Run 4: 3001- 4000 APNs 107-09-1001 through 209-09-4999

    Hope this helps. SB…

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