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    I’m looking at a deal where the owner of record passed away in 2013. This owner had the property in a trust and he (the owner) was the trustee from what I can tell. Now that he has passed away the he son is now the trustee according to the ‘certificate of incumbency’ he shared with me. I have a few questions about this situation:

    1. When I google ‘certificate of incumbency’ it seems that it is generally a document used by companies to confirm the identity of officers, etc. Would that type of document be valid for a land sale?
    2. The ‘certificate of incumbency’ references and was recorded with another APN from a county and state that doesn’t apply to this transaction. Does that matter? The document still establishes the son as the trustee of the given trust.

    Would love to hear some feedback on this issue. Thanks!

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  • Jill DeWit
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    Hi Erik,

    Some of these trickier deals might not be the best use of your time when you are just starting out. I still “pass” on some deals for those reasons. Have to pass on a note from earlier today (from Kevin):

    “When Jill says “Never get bogged down on one particular deal” she is right on the money! I think that is a HUGE key to being successful.”

    I’ll bet you can find three easy ones and make even more profit!

    Welcome to Success Plant!


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    Thanks Jill. So you think if the deal is anything outside of a straight owner as seller deal it’s best to avoid at this point? It seems a shame to let all of those trust deals go by the wayside. I’ve got about 4 different deals right now that involve trusts of some sort and another few that are straight up owner as seller deals.

    Luke Smith
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    I think she means skip doing the paperwork on the dead owner properties. Not skip all the properties held in trusts.

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