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    Hello LA members,
    l am new to land investing and l am in need of your help. l sent out a mailer to a county JUST outside the city for 5-20 acres. l checked land watch and land & farm. 5 acres average price is 100K, 10 acres about $200k, so 1 acre about 20k. Here is where l went wrong this is not exactly rural vacant land or infill lots obviously. What price should l consider re-offering my mailer at?
    Any help would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    @Skylar. Could be too early to know the mailer failed. Not enough mail to have a sample. Not enough known about the area. And of course just offers were way to low. Lots of things. But there is a reason. I have learned to spend time researching all I can when I am going to a new county. I think everybody has misfired a mailer. I have a couple of times. Its also important to ask questions of people who call you rejecting your offer. I mean, you can’t talk to someone who is yelling “go blank yourself” but some will give you feedback. I don’t know your background. Maybe trying to buy 100k vacant land is a fit for you, but sometimes you just gotta cut your losses and try a cheaper area. Hope that helps.

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