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    Working on my first mailer. I pulled a list for Presidio County Texas. I scrubbed the list and was getting ready to send out the mailer, when I decided to check a few of the APNs and see how hard it was going to be to do due diligence. I looked up several APNs in Parcel Fact and TitlePro247 and had no luck finding good information.
    I am worried this might not be the best county for me to send my first mailer too. Has anyone in the group had luck mailing to Presidio County?

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    2 and a half years too late. But if anyone is looking for info on this county: Yes, it is very hard. Most of my sellers need to send me copies of their documents. There is tremendous opportunity here because it is so hard. I have a bunch of Presidio offers on hold because I am waiting to see some documentation.

    Make low offers and get ready to dig through the offers that won’t work to find the good ones that will.

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