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    My partner and I have a beautiful 2.5-acre property in 29 Palms California that we have listed on eBay. This is the 1st time have listed on eBay. We have had 2 bidders so far. One seems legit (has a buyers history) the other who is leading right now has no buying history. We are kind of concerned. So the question is this, what scams should we look out for?

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    They might make the purchase and then come back and tell you that the property “Was not as described”. That can mean anything. The problem is that ebay will back the buyer in this complaint. The buyer will want some refund for the defects found in the delivered product. There are probably several other scams but to avoid most of them just make sure that the FULL payment is in your bank account before creating the deed. You are in control and you do not have to do anything until the funds clear. Scammers will send a bogus email that says “The buyer has paid the funds via PayPal and these funds will be sent to your PayPal account after you deliver the product or service”. Which is complete BS. That is not how PayPal works. And this guy with no feedback may be legit. Let him bid it up and sell it to him. Just make sure the funds are in your account first.

    As a seller, I really hate Ebay.

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