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    Allan Baker
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    I am working on my next mailer and i notice that at the end of about 500 of the legal descriptions it says “Potential Additional Tax Liability”. EX: Twp 41 Rnge 10, Block Sec 4, Tract Nw4nw4, Acres 35.14, Potential Additional Tax Liability

    Besides the Obvious this could mean just about anything. Baring an unproductive call to the county has any one come across this before? did you still mail those parcels? I saw it when I was spot checking my mail merge and it made the legal description on the PA look Off. For now I used the Find and replace tool to delete it off of the end of the legal descriptions.

    Just curious if anyone has seen this before?

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Allan – I have not seen that one. Could mean anything. Might be from 1962. Who knows? See what the county says.


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