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    Steven Kish
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    So, I am moving into the social media channel for advertising properties, and I am clueless on best practices for using facebook, but have been doing some research on getting going. Couple of questions I am hoping to get answered:
    1. Is it best to use a personal page or business page in your selling entity name for doing the property ad posts?
    2. What is meant by boosting a post?
    3. Any tips on finding local groups relevant to what we sell?
    4. Do you use a website or youtube video link in your postings to either the “Marketplace” or “Buy/Sell Groups”?

    Truthfully I have avoided social media as I already struggle with the time suck that is the internet, but I really feel I should start up another marketing channel to help move properties, so any help appreciated.

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  • Clee
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    I am using a man named Zahid to post on CL for me
    he also does FB marketplace
    he told me its best to use personal page so that is what we have done
    Hubby is signing with our seller and not on FB
    I am marketing on FB Marketplace (via my personal page to sell)
    Call or Text 323-538-4514
    get hold of him and see if he can assist

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    Hi Steven.

    I’m also new to advertising on Facebook. However, I’m closing my first deal tomorrow, and I’m planning on using Facebook since it has a large audience and it’s inexpensive. Would you be interested in coming back to this forum threat and sharing your insights as you begin? I’d be glad to do the same.

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