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    Brandon Wong
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    Hey all,
    Just started and I think I’ve found my county. But I am a little worried. So here is the reason why I picked the county ad why I’m worried
    Low days on market
    Seems to be no wholesalers or good wholesalers.(bad or no website)
    Near a growing town/city

    No wholesalers
    Extremely low tax deed sales
    Retail price is huge difference from those few bad wholesalers.

    I mean it seems like I found a good county but the low days on market and no other wholesalers, makes me think that people have mailed this county and had no success. Also could it just mean that I have to offer a slightly higher price, I would still yield a good net profit. Just nervous about my first mailer, anything helps.

    Thank you

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  • Laurie Phillips
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    Hi Brandon, and welcome. It’s great that you’re testing all these data points on your target counties. However, if there was a county without cons, everyone would be mailing the same place. What’s important is to find out the reasons behind the pros and cons, and they’re rarely apparent without digging into the details. For instance, all the cons you list – no wholesalers, extremely low tax deed sales, high retail asking price – can point to an affluent county where the offer prices need to be high to get any deals, and as a result, no one has mailed there recently. I would LOVE to mail that county. Or the county could be mostly government-owned land, leaving few properties to buy, sell or tax, which explains the low tax deed sales and few wholesalers. The area could be water-starved, so 10 acres with water rights will be priced at a huge premium over 10 acres of dirt, causing the wide price range. There are many reasons, and if you do some research, they will become apparent. I often call a realtor in the area as a “prospective buyer in the county” and get their input on supply, demand, and pricing trends. Then you roll all that information up and … go for it.

    Good luck!

    Kevin Farrell
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    Brandon – this sounds like a good county to me. Send the mail.

    Kevin Farrell - Moderator
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