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    Charley Schelhouse
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    What are some common ways you all partner on deals. The only one I’ve heard is I have the deal and do all the work, you put up all of the money, and we split the profit 50/50. That way is fine, I was just thinking about a letter I just got back and figured I’d see what the experts were doing before I reached out to anyone.

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    Another way to do it is to partner with someone that does some things better than you do and that you do some things better than they do. Or maybe its more that they enjoy doing certain parts of this business that you don’t and you enjoy doing certain parts that they don’t. Then you both put up the money and split the profits 50/50.

    A perfect example of the latter form of that partnership is Steve and Jill isn’t it?
    He loves data. She loves sales. He tends to suggest in his podcasts he’d rather not talk with people.
    She seems to excel at it.

    Thats a partnership that makes tons of sense right there and clearly, 10,000 deals later or whatever number they’re on, has been beyond complimentary.

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