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    Luke Smith
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    Parcel Fact has some great info and I find myself using it more and more. This month looks like I have 7,544 pulls left. Its getting slower and slower the more pulls I do. Its loading the old data and then searching it as I search for new ones. I get it, instead of pulling the same thing over and over its trying to reuse the data already pulled instead of asking for it again. The more I pull the slower it gets. You guys find any solutions to this? I have been hitting stop partway though and some times that works. Seems like it needs a better algorithm that is lighter on its feet and or more horsepower to get through all the data in a timely manor.

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  • Kevin Farrell
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    Luke – After I get past 1000 pulls things slow down a lot. Anyone who has ever done website work can see the problem. The page load is too big. All they have to do is limit the number of displayed parcels to 50 and it will work fine. I have not sent this suggestion to anyone yet because I just recently crossed that line.

    I am using the heck out of ParcelFact too.

    Joe Schmitt
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    I would love to see a feedback loop for the software that we use as members. I feel like there are some real challenges with the design, user experience, and iterative development of all of the web-based products. Software is not a set it and forget it endeavor.

    In Parcelfact, it would be wonderful to look up properties, but only save the ones that you really plan to do anything with. For the ones that you do save, some sort of folder or tagging mechanism would be very helpful.

    I would love to see the GPS corners tagged with direction so that I could easily paste them into an ad. Even better would the ability to embed the maps in ads rather than just downloading them as pictures.

    For this forum, it would be great just to be able to paste in pictures or add attachments. Wouldn’t it be great to have a document repository where everyone could share the forms and resources that they are using? I guess we theoretically have that, but it’s very underutilized without attachments.

    Just my $0.02.

    Erin Spence
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    Hey guys!

    Thanks for letting us know about the ParcelFact load issues, and we have a developer enlisted to help us with this.

    As far as other suggestions go – we love to hear them! The best thing to do when you have any suggestions is to email them to us at We really do keep a record of everything we get in and use them as we release updates and make changes.

    This program and all of these tools are built around what you need, so please let us know ( if you come across issues or have suggestions so we can continue to develop better systems/sites/programs/etc.

    Jason Cochard
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    Erin, with the new development work, are there any plans to release an API for parcelfact?

    A few of us could probably use the service as API only (hooked in with a website integration on my end), and free up resources so the server loads fewer full page loads, in favor of sending strings of raw data, coordinates, and photo URLs. @espence

    JT Taylor
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    Luke, something we have used with success is clicking into the top parcel on the page when you first open Parcelfact. It opens up the map of that APN and the ownership information, which Parcelfact has no problem generating very quickly. From there you should be able to go to the APN and County search bar and get to where you need to go.

    However, I will say that we are somewhere closer to 500 pulls a month, not 2500, so potentially this solution will not work for you guys. Thought I’d share my experience though.

    Kevin Farrell
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    JT and others. I believe that they have fixed the slow loading issue since this thread was started. During the week of 5/28/2018 I have had no delays in loading PF. In fact, even when I do a fresh logon, it loads up without delay.

    Thanks to the people at Land Academy who make this stuff work. We really appreciate it.

    Jill DeWit
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    Thanks everyone for working together!

    – Jill

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