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    @Steve keeps hinting at using his money to close a deal. I would like to test that offer.

    Anybody take him up on it yet?

    Can you tell us about the deal?

    Is there something too small to mess with?

    Is there something that is too big?

    How long does it take to use that tool?

    How should we present our deals to you @Steve and @Jill ?

    There is a 100 acre piece of land split into 20 5 acre lots for 20K I would like to buy. Does it need to be 10K or $100 per acre to be considered? There are houses nearby with power lines and road access.

    Could we split up the lots to some ratio or would it be better to keep them together.

    Would the numbers be different if you marketed them vs my newby marketing?

    Different seller has 85 acres near some hot springs. Made up of 20’s 10’s and 5’s. Two corners have wash access. Government land almost all around it. 4×4 access and well known for it. $6,500 or less than $80 an acre. With back taxes cost runs up to about $100 per acre. Total off grid. Houses on the drive into the property. Tourist campground servicing the hot springs on the drive into the property too.

    Got the agreements but not on paper yet. Have been figuring I might pitch them when I get them on paper really ready to go.

    These sellers very well might still fall through.

    I can buy some or all of them without help but think your help would lower my risk and increase my learning curve.

    Some day the call for a really sweet deal will happen and when it does I want to be confident I can close it even if it is way over my head.

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