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    Pat Krol
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    I got a piece of land under 90 day option. In order to show up on Trulia I need to be on MLS. It means Posting Optioned property on the MLS without owner’s knowledge. Can I do that? Any laws I should be aware of? Thank You Community!!

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  • Rob
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    Not all MLS boards automatically post to Trulia and Zillow. Further, many times the individual brokerage can opt in or out of that automation. In my opinion that would be a material fact and should be disclosed especially if listing and using the MLS.

    In our regional MLS, there is a field that says “owner has owned for at least one year, owner has owned for less than one year, and owner does not yet own”, clearly it would be the latter. (by the way, this was added to a lot of MLS’s during the recession due to the changing title seasoning requirements)

    Many people think that all of the data fields aggregate from MLS to Trulia and the like. That is not the case. The above field would not aggregate along with several others.

    Check with your local MLS.

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